Honeymoon: Nice and Paris

For a person like me who heavily focuses on where to live and how to live it is a kind of homework to decide where to travel, what to enjoy there, or how to get there. But because a honeymoon is unavoidable work for a just married man, I let myself totally rely on what a 10 days trip gives a couple regardless of that it is a bad or a good thing. Paris might not be a perfect choice to relax and be lazy for 100%, but the city still had a lot of fun things to see, while French people suggested us an ambivalent view on their cultural achievement. Overall, the Eiffel tower was good, Montmarte was good, a sunrise and a sunset in Nice were spectacular, but many French people were rude and uncivilized. They proved why their country’s economic and cultural effectiveness are declining and France’s role in international affair is surprisingly becoming ridiculous. An individual’s behavior in routine life and the achievement as a whole nation are much strongly related than we usually think. A very small piece of individual’s life reflects how the country’s social system is modernized. (See Korea’s case. That’s clear) While 6 years in US gave me a view that living in a better social circumstance can overcome language and cultural barrier when a foreigner decides to move abroad, 10 days trip to France gave me a view that sometimes it is not true. That was a good honeymoon anyway. And I will not visit France unless I really die to see Monet’s paintings.

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