The Bests of the Year 2012

Song of the Year: Dave Palmer, Roger Niell, and Brian Reitzell, “Beginners Theme Suite”

Honorable Mention: Frank Ocean, “Thinking about You”; 이승렬, “솔직히”; Passion Pit, “Hideaway”

Album of the Year: 이랑, 욘욘슨

Honorable Mention: 9와 숫자들, 유예; Tame Impala, Lonerism; Lisa Hannigan, Passenger; Jack White, Blunderbuss

Performance of the Year: Bon Iver with Feist at Red Rocks, June 1st

Honorable Mention: Beach House at Boulder Theater, October 9th

Artist of the Year: Frank Ocean 

Honorable Mention: 무키무키만만수

Collection of the Year: 김애란, 비행운

Honorable Mention: Krys Lee: Drifting House

Novel of the Year: Zadie Smith, NW

Honorable MentionAndrew Porter, In Between Days

Nonfiction of the Year: Allan Meltzer, A History of the Federal Reserve

Honorable Mention: Reinhart and Rogoff, This Time is Different

Magazine or Newspaper of the Year: New York Review of Books

Honorable Mention: New York Times

Textbook of the Year: Lim and McNelis, Computational Macroeconomics for the Open Economy

Honorable Mention: Pissarides, Equilibrium Unemployment Theory

Academic Journal of the Year: Journal of Monetary Economics

Honorable Mention: Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking

Film of the Year: Mike Mills, Beginners

Honorable Mention: Sarah Polley, Take This Waltz; Paul Thomas Anderson, The Master

People of the Year: 18th president of Korea Republic

Honorable Mention: Ufuk Devrim Demirel (my main advisor..)

Day of the Year: May 11th

Honorable Mention: July 4th

Event of the Year: Passing proposal defense, May 11th

Honorable Mention: 부산 여행, July 6th to 8th

Moment of the Year: When I talked to YJ about Her and I in a phone call

Honorable Mention: When I had a dinner with SM in South Korea

Sports Team of the Year: Colorado Buffaloes Basketball Program

Honorable Mention: Seattle Seahawks, NFL

Sports Player of the Year: Marcus Lattimore, Running Back of South Carolina Gamecocks 

Honorable Mention: 장미란

Worst Moment of Sports of the Year: Dislocated knee and damaged multiple ligaments of Marcus Lattimore

Honorable Mention: Torn ACL of Derrick Rose

Sports Game of the Year: Colorado upsets UNLV in Big Dance

Honorable Mention: Seahawks upset Patriots

Friend(s) of the Year: S. Hiller and C. McMahan

Honorable Mention: None

The Best of the Best of the Year: Family

Honorable Mention: Ladies

7 thoughts on “The Bests of the Year 2012

    • 사실 그 영화는 먹먹하기 보다는 약간 충격이기까지 했어요. 특히 샤워실씬과 마지막에 코헨의 노래가 나오며 빙글빙글 도는 부분이 그랬죠..

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