Beach House at Boulder Theater

I have usually went to any concerts with one, unique friend, Scott. He has been my concert trip fellow in any case, and I have been quite happy with it. Sometimes KS or the other special guest joined the group, but it did matter marginally. I have felt that I was always with him most closely at the concert venues even when we are among the other guys, not because of the time we spent together, but because of the emotional band of sympathy between us in our musical tastes. We both love Arcade Fire, the National, and Wilco. I hardly found the guy like him in this musical taste context.

Last night, we were not two anymore. Rather, we got another bunch of guys hanging around us, and interestingly they were very close friends of ours. We were six, the maximum number of the concert fellows in my lifetime. The weather was quite cold, as usual Boulder autumn. Scott, Steve and I watched Sunday night football game at Lazydog before the Theater started opening door. We were supposed to enter the venue by about nine, because we had been getting less interested in opening bands as we got older and more pains on our backs while standing up for more than three hours. However, Scott told me that the opening band at that night would be quite interesting because two of them were from Fleet Foxes. So we got a little early to the venue, although the game between Saints and Chargers was quite exciting and close.

It was the first time that I have been at the Boulder Theater. It would be a little pathetic because I’ve been here for more than four years and the city has only two venues for small or medium size concert, Fox and Boulder theater. The Boulder Theater was as good as the other popular venues around the town such as Bluebird, Ogden, or Fillmore in Denver. The venue was very crowded by people when we got in, even though the main show was not started. We met the other three members there, and I was introduced P’s boyfriend. He was gentle and quietly speaking, a type that I like.

The show was great. I have been thinking about Beach House’s music as a studio-based, or listening preferred one. I didn’t think them as  a good fit for the floor. I was wrong. Their performance was magnificent. The members are only three, two regular members plus one drummer, but the sound they created was enough to fill the space dominantly. French born singer and keyboardist Victoria Legrand was the most beautiful woman among who had-banging perfectly. Her voice was really unique, and it was just the same with the one in their albums. This fact impressed me quite a lot, and her voice captivated everyone in the venue and made them screamed. Alex Scally, the band’s brain and guitarist (and he also played base and the other instruments with his foot while playing guitar with his hands) made the unique sound of Beach House that made all the people dance with their music. I was pretty surprised with that their music was really good for dancing. Slow, keyboard-centric sound may not be good for floor, but they made an exception with mysteriously creative performance. After the show, I listened to their albums with my earphone, and they started to be different since then. It was interesting experience.

All in all, the concert was great, and I had great time with my close friends. This is a beauty of life. I hope this lasts long enough. Even if I have to leave this beautiful town, I really hope to have another chance to get this kind of stuff in my lifetime. Even if I have to take apart with these guys, I hope to meet another guys or two to enjoy concert together, talk about indie pop music for hours, drink together with shitty jokes, or do some other fun things. Really hope.

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