body reacts first

Recently I went to Whole Foods on Saturday morning as usual. The first corner that you would encounter when you enter the left entry of the grocery shop in Pearl St. is vegetables and fruits. So you can easily guess that I picked up tons of the greens, such as blueberry, lettuce, cucumber, salad mix, and so on. The right after the veggie section you will find the fish and meat corner. And suddenly I felt really bad at the sections, because the smells of fish and meat felt like so yuck to me. This is a new experience that I have had since several months ago, and I guess it is because of my vegetarian life. I do not hate meat eating. I think good, healthy meat eating is as good as vegan life. But my body hates meat smells. It was quite interesting to me. Now it is not true that I do not eat meat, but that I cannot eat it.

Another example. Several months ago I was really struggling in writing a thesis paper. It almost killed me. Had no idea what to write. Nop, got no idea how to even start. That might be around 2 am. Weather was good, and I was sad. Deadline came so fast and my progress was so slow. So I desperately tried to find a cigarette case in one of my small boxes. I quit smoking cigar about 2 and a half years ago. I was not a heavy smoker, but smoked 3 to 5 cigars per day regularly. Ending about ten years of smoking life was not that hard. I just stopped buying cigarette, and never tried again except one or two extraordinary nights. That night was the one of two. I found two years old Dunhill case, and got one cigar out of it, and went outside with lighter. I can say that I was quite excited at the moment, but the excitement was totally gone just 5 seconds later. The first breathe with the smoking, I got a daze, with yuck and disgusting smells. I did not cough, but could not finish even one small piece of cigar. I felt even worse when I returned to my place, because I smelled really bad smoking one inside my house which had been never spread out there. I took shower even though I took it in the morning, to remove the smells before going to bed. Finally, I got a nightmare at that night, maybe because of the chemical effect of the cigar on my brain.

So, body knows it, while my thought cannot catch it. Believing your body would be quite smart idea if you really do not know how to manage a task. Is that SAME if you are having a question mark on your dating partner? I would say maybe yes, but 75% pretty sure. It is not a guilty that you prefer better looking guy, ceteris paribus. If you stick to the appearance, it is more likely to fail your date progress, since the other factors will make an effect on your mind slowly. But this does not mean that you must not heavily consider sexuality or handsomeness of your partner. Indeed you should, and you will do. I do too. I do not want to close the door of all my love stories with one theory. There were lots of factors that affected on our relationships. But at this point, I should point out one important thing: I like a beautiful woman, as I like a woman who has a good manner, the same humor code, and smart thinking. This is more important than you may think.

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