Feist and Bon Iver at Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Feist has long been my ideal woman until I decided to turn into the other woman. But I still love her not only because of her charming personality and appearance, but also because her great song writing ability and more than attractive voice color. Bon Iver’s latest album was my favorite one last year, and has been still the best one yet even if including 2012 products. When I firstly came with the new album, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, I was literally stunned because he expanded is world by unexpected scale and depth. Some says the debut album is still their best one, but I do not agree with the opinion because I am so overwhelmed by his (Justin Vernon) ability to drive a listener’s emotion to the way that he originally intends, which is so uniquely created by himself in the second one. This world is just his own one, that created the new paradigm of music scene, as it was rewarded for it at Grammy competition as Arcade Fire made the same thing and went the same path on public success. Feist’s new album was somewhat interesting since it invited more metallic touch while it gave up a part of her original strength, disco and the other rhythmical operations. While some critics are still hesitated, I agree with her change, and understand it as a stepping up to the next level in her musical career.

I met those two musicians at the greatest place for music performance in the world. This is not even great thing, but I have to say it is what we call “the amazing happens”.

Red Rocks Amphitheatre is  somewhat interesting for its strange architectural structure. It has two rocks in both side of seating place, which are called Ship Rock and Stage Rock, and uses it as perfect natural sound-reflecting and absorbing systems for the great condition of musical performance. I do not know how it works, but if you have listened to music for a long time, then you will see this concert place functions really well.

We missed about a half of the Feist’s opening performance, because we were simply late. KS had her workshop, and we had to buy some beers and burritos for our own small but cute tale gating. This was the only disappointing moment for tonight’s concert, but not a huge one. Feist was better than I expected in two ways. First, she overwhelmed everyone in the theatre. She did not seem nervous, but really comfortable with everything she controlled. She seemed just playing like a kid who really knows well how to use her toys. She was excellent guitarist, and led her band really harmoniously. I can say that she had a charisma on the stage. Second, I thought she is studio-type musician, rather than performance friendly one. But I was wrong. Her stage was so powerful, and some songs are even better than the studio versions. Moreover, her rearranging ability looked great, too. Some songs in her first and second album were totally reborn with the new style, and I think they are gorgeous.

After thirty-something minutes setting time, Bon Iver appeared. Opening song was “Perth”, which I like most in his (their) latest album. It was the best single song performance ever I’ve seen in my life. I could not move, but feel a little of shiver. Across the entire concert, there were several times that I felt the shudder, but the opening song was the best moment that I experienced in my watching-live-performance life. What I did not expect was the stage setting. I thought the band is somewhat humble, which means that they are more like chamber music style company, not a stage rock band such as Foo Fighters, and thus I guessed that they would have no idea on stage decoration or so. But I was wrong. You should find Youtube at some point later, and will see how the stage was beautiful. (Or you could find the same setting at Coachella) The light effect was just perfect. Their encore song was also great. Vernon talked about his theory on Red Rocks, that those two rocks are shuttle ship, so thus if we could be loud enough the ships will take off to the universe. It was somewhat childish, but there was no reason not to buy it. They played all songs in the second album, and some songs in the first one. Running time of the performance was not so short, but pretty compact.

This is the second show that I attended for the band’s performance. The first one was at Fox Theatre near to CU, that the capacity was just 300 or something. And at that time even the hall was not crowded. It was two years ago. And after some times, they became the most important name in American independent music scene, and gathered more than 10,000 people in the beautiful concert place. This is not even a development. I think that he (Vernon) has not been changed so much. He has continued his music and his life. I believe the audience has finally adopted him with wider range of understanding. It is hard to discuss now, but we will have some more time to talk about it.

I will shortly update the real live video if uploaded on Youtube..

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