Cut Copy: Zonoscope

This new album of Melbourne base electro quartet reminds me a lot of 80-ish feeling, along with the enjoy of positive aspect of disco music. They tend to be more retrospective than their previous albums, explicitly showing their omage to the many good 80’s bands, such as Fleetwood Mac, New Order, and Duran Duran. Although their approach is totally back-to-80’s, their new album has a certain contribution to the creative work of the music scene. Except for two songs, all of the songs are longer than 4 minutes, including their first single “take me over”, that has no boring steps in any of single music, touching their “still” ambitious moves on the electro-disco sound. 15 minutes scale “sun gold” is nothing but their own opera traveling brand new world of the new frontier. Extremely fun, never boring, and sufficiently creative album. “blink and you’ll miss a revolution” and “need you now” are killing tracks.

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