Officially dissolved Dept. of Economics & Policy Studies at the University of Notre Dame

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The power game between Orthodox and Heterodox economists at the university becomes the result of sweeping heterodox guys by neo one. Heterodox economics has been at the heart of the university since 70’s, by adapting Roman Catholic social justice and its application to the social science field, but after accepting some neo guys into the program there have been lots of quarrels between those two radically parted in their thoughts. As mainstream economics has dominated the world economics, the orthodox economists has been getting powered up, and finally some years ago the two groups have take apart each other. And recently, the dept. of economics & policy, where the heterodox guys were kicked out, has been closed officially. It was expected since 2003 they were not accepted to have new graduate students or invite new faculty members by the university authority. So now Notre Dame dept. of economics has 90% of neo guys and, 10% of heterodox guys who will be out soon. One of the most prominent researcher in heterodox field already has gone to New School for Social Research last year. As this result, the ranking of the program has been rapidly rising, and funding situation is pretty better than yesterdays. However there are criticism about this changes of Notre Dame since the university was built upon the spirit of Roman Catholic that argues the virtue of an acceptance of various voices, and the changes does not reflect it very much.

I think.. mixture of orthodox and heterodox economics is impossible. They criticize each other heavily, and we don’t know who the right part is. Historically so called “heterodox” thoughts have been always the front runner of science, but there is no reason that heterodox economics is that right pioneer in this century.

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